Frank Stacey
Auckland, New Zealand

“Hello Ben -Thank you for your email.You beat me to it!  I have been waiting to say “thank-you and yes it’s working well” until I had a replacement photo for the 1300cc car….which I haven’t got yet.  It is a lovely site, one that I am proud to have.
Thank you for the figures on the website rankings and for the improvements they show; you have really done well.  Thank you for monitoring the rankings each month.
Just before I opened this email a customer to whom I was signing out a car said “your new website is really good, it puts mine to shame”.  I tried to sell him your services but his website is a low priority for him and not likely to be a big source of business.
Thank you for all you have done and continue to do.  If any prospective client of yours asks if they can contact someone you have worked for [as I did] please include my name in those who can provide direct feedback about your skills and service.
Best wishes and Kind regards”

Flexiscreens, Tasmani

Hi Ben,

I just wanted to say that your annual maintenance program has already produced substantial benefits for us in the first few weeks of having subscribed.

The first issue happened only four days into the new year. I had done some alterations to some code, which caused a cascade of issues and crashed the site. Ben, in his usual efficient style had the site up and running again within hours.

Then, a couple of weeks later our website was hacked, which was very distressing. Once again, our Super SEO Guy jumped into action and re-built the site and tracked the problem down to a weak ftp password.

The whole thing has now been beefed up and we are not expecting this sort of trouble again. The value of Ben’s maintenance plan is self-evident. We have already had the annual fee value and it’s not even February. We will continue investing in the plan and continue to use Ben’s other services.

Exceptional service! Thanks again Ben.

John Mcgrath


Shelley Yanak
Fishing Charters, Sitka, Alaska

“Dearest Ben the SEO Guy, I want to tell you how much my clients are loving the new web design! They think it’s great! Easy to navigate, lots of great photos, and lots of useful information in a attractive layout. Thank you a million times, you are the best! On time, reasonably priced and talented, too! Your friend and client, Shelley & Mike Yanak  Sitka, Alaska ”

Graham Marchant
Motorhome Sales, Kent, United Kingdom

“Hello Ben You will be pleased to hear we are having a great year, with sales, sale and buy back, and rental, in fact rental has been a surprise with the motorhomes fully booked to September/October already. Due to the closure of two large dealerships in our area, we are considering moving in to Caravan sales as well for later this year, or early next year!

Would you suggest a new website, majoring on the caravan sales, should we go that route, or updating our existing Buy-Sell-Rent website to incorporate caravans? Obviously we would not want to jeopardise the excellent number of enquiries we get though the Motorhomes website by changing it significantly, but perhaps we should look at updating it sometime, perhaps to a website I can change more of the content of myself, like the hire website?

I would be pleased to hear your thoughts and ideas on the matter. Regards Graham Select First Motorhomes Ltd Unit 3.4 Wealden Forest Park, Herne Common, Herne Bay, Kent. UK. CT6 7LQ Tel: 0845 2606088 (local rate call) ”

John Mcgrath
Tasmania, Australia

“We have been dealing with Ben for over 2 years. We cannot recommend Ben’s work highly enough, he is responsive, accurate and very knowledgeable in all aspects of web design and SEO. Nothing is too much trouble, Ben is always a pleasure to deal with. We would recommend Ben anytime! Our re-vamped website is great too! Thanks again Ben, we will be in touch later in the year to ask you to have a look over the site performance again. Do you think twice per year is OK to do this?”

Junk Removal, Auckland, New Zealand

“Hi Ben – Haven’t stopped raving about your business! Couple of people are looking at upgrading their sites and have passed your name on. my brother in law is interested be worth contacting him at [email protected] they’re a sub of Foundation Engineering.
Fella called Frank i think rang me re car rental or something just the other day asked me about you. I told him what you have done for me was just fantastic so good luck. And yes, what remarkable stats – thank you, thank you!